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Unit 7 - 812 Pitt Street, Cornwall. ON K6J 5R1

Classes for all ages


Paint your own ceramic , we carry over 300 ceramic pieces!

Housewares: mugs, plates, bowls, garden pieces, gnomes, platters, whimsical bird feeders, banks: cats, dogs, dragons, monkey's, ladybug's...

Items choices change often depending on season and demand!

Seasonal items:

Christmas trees, snowman, Santa Clause, Mrs. Claus, cookie plates, tree ornaments.....

Easter: Easter bunny, rabbits, cupcake plates, Celtic cross....

Halloween: ghost, candy bowls, pumpkins, welcome signs.....

Valentine's day: love, hearts, mugs, bowls, heart trinket boxes....

We offer over 300 paints. All underglaze paints are non-toxic, food safe, dishwasher safe and microwavable. It washes out of clothes if you get some on you! Whew!

Our Acrylic paints are  100% opaque in finish. We also carry the translucent, pearl and metallic paints.

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Canvas Paintings:

Create stunning Canvas Paintings. Make your own work of art, or try one of our step by step packages. Anyone can be an artist with. Like paint parties but not the fast pace they go at. Not a problem with out Kits you work at your own speed. Getting frustrated with it, or don't have time to finish not a problem at all we can put it aside and you can come back to work on it another day. All staff have completed these kits and are able to help if needed.

  • Drop in and try this fun way to be creative and make your own masterpieces.

  • Over 100 pictures to pick from, something for each season, holiday, animal and more

  • Small Canvas $25

  • Large Canvas $35

Pottery Class

We offer a try it clay class. You will get to try your hand at both hand building and the wheel during this class.  This will take a few visits to get a finished project. Your 1st visit is to make your projects, 2nd visit is to sand and make finishing touches before the first firing and 3rd visit is to paint. Projects are available for pick up 1 week from finishing. $40 per person.

How the class works: Each student will receive 2 lbs of clay. 1 lbs to make anything you want by hand. Samples of projects are displayed at class. The 2nd lbs is used on the wheel. The teacher will do a demonstration of the basic steps for a bowl. After that each student will have 30 mins to make a wheel project. In a week we welcome you to return to sand and make final touches, We will then fire your projects to bisque. You are then able to come paint your project with any of our food safe paints. Once done we will do the final firing witch will give your projects the look of glass. 1 week from finishing they will be ready to pick up.

the try it class is $40 includes everything from start to finish.

Once you have completed our try it class,  your able to come in for clay at any time.

  • $50 for 25 lbs earthenware clay

  • $8 per hour wheel rental

  • Rent our Kiln for only your projects $50 per firing (green wear and glazes can not be mixed in same kiln firing)

  • The use of our paints for your projects will be demented by the size of projects.

  • *New coming soon Fall 2020. If permitted. A 6 weeks advanced pottery class. Keep checking in for details*.

pottery vase


We offer a open pottery drop in.

Drop in and create! Already have skills? Just want to come in and throw $8.00 an hour per wheel. *clay and tools not included.

You can purchase 25 lbs of our earthenware clay for $50 plus tax. (You are responsable for the care of your left over clay if it is not used all in one day.) We can special order in these clays, Light Tan speckle stoneware 25 lbs bag, Amaco 38 white stoneware 25 lbs bag, Red cone 6, 50 lbs bag, and Laguna B mix 50 lbs bag. Prices may vary depending on time of year.  

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. Payment in full is required before ordering. 

We do sell a pottery starter kit for $15.00 plus tax.

We recommend completing our try it clay class before moving on the open studio.

About Us

Creation Workshop is a paint-your-own-pottery studio serving the Cornwall and surrounding area.
When you're looking for creative things to do think Creation Workshop. We have ceramics, Canvas painting, pottery wheel classes, birthday parties, Fundraisers, theme nights and more! Come create with us.


Unit 7 - 812 Pitt St. Cornwall, ON K6J 5R1

Phone: 613-935-5584


Summer Hours:

Sunday- Closed

Monday- Closed

Tuesday- 11 am  to 6 pm

Wednesday- 11 am to 6 pm

Thursday- Closed

Friday- 11 am to 6 pm

Saturday- 11 am to 4 pm

Patio Painting Hours:

Sunday- Closed

Monday- 1 pm to 8 pm

Tuesday- 11 am to 8 pm

Wednesday- 11 am to 8 pm

Thursday- 1 pm  to 8 pm

Friday- 11 am to 8 pm

Saturday- 11 am to 6 pm

Please note we only have 3 tables available at this time and it would be best to book 24 hours in advanced to guarantee a table. We fully understand  life happens, if you need to cancel your booking please do so before the shop closed for the day, or reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or by email as soon as you can. There are no charges for cancelled bookings.



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